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AI Legal Translation Tools- Development and business operation​

We have been developing an AI legal translations system that is an extended version of CONVIWORK. We called it CONVILAW. It helps reduce 80% of the time to translate legal documents: decrees, circulars, resolutions... while keeping the original format.

Product's homepage:

Click here to see how it works (Youtube video- only in Vietnamese) 

High precision

After 2 years of development with the datastore of over 1 million legal pages used for AI training, the results of CONVILAW machine translation reach a very high accuracy. There is almost no difference to be translated by a language expert, users just need to edit a little bit.​

Save up to 80% of the time

The speed of CONVILAW is 50 pages of text in 1 minute. The quality of  translation is good, it is also combined with the function to allow editing to achieve the highest efficiency.

Highly refined

New breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology to create complete text files. Header, footer, colors, tables of the document are the same as the original. We also support you with the translation service to achieve the highest level of completion.


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