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IT Consulting
& Development Services

​The world is experiencing huge transformation from analog to digital. We support you in the transforming journey by providing various IT services.

Our Services

Our Servuces
IT Outsourcing Services

​We provide outsourcing service for mobile apps, web applications, and new technologies such as AI, machine learning.

AI Translation Tools- Development and business operation

We developed an AI translations system that allows to translate fully Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) in 19 languages and an extended version specialized in law.

Software distribution

In cooperation with Japanese company to distribute OFFICE ROBOT software in Vietnam.

Japanese Business Consulting

​Japanese clients have its own and unique culture in doing businesses. We help you to get into the 3rd largest market in the world


"Assist Vietnam's service is very efficient they are able to handle large volumes of works because of its proficiency. The CEO is also friendly, and service oriented, always willing to offer a helping hand. Their capabilities to access, analyze and propose business solutions from data helped us so much"

Pham Minh Tien


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